chose Dstny…

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… because they believe in better customer service and support, and therefore changed from TDC Scale

TDC Scale or Dstny were the real options when AudioNova had to decide on a collective telephony – and network solution that matched AudioNova’s needs.

When TDC Scale and Dstny offered the same price, mobile network and connections, AudioNova chose Dstny primarily due to our better support  and  customer service, but better self-service options were also highly weighted.

AudioNova’s situation

Following the acquisition of Auri, AudioNova was faced with streamlining IT systems, telephony and networks in 2011. At Audionova, TDC Scale was used for their telephony and TDC ADSL for their networks, while Auri used Dstny for both their telephony and their networks.

Finance Manager Frans van Berckel came with TDC Scale experience, while IT Manager Thomas Jensen had experience with Dstny. Frans and Thomas decided to put their solution out for tender. The field was quickly narrowed down to the two old suppliers, as the other invited providers could not meet all of AudioNova’s needs.

AudioNova’s needs

The main needs – the technical solution

AudioNova wanted a solution with a  switchboard in the cloud (hosted PBX), IP telephony, mobile telephony and network, and to  consolidate the entire solution  with one supplier.

After some negotiation, AudioNova ended up with two solutions with the same price, mobile networks and data connections.

The secondary needs – fast support, fast service, and the ability to adapt quickly

As both suppliers were equally good within these important parameters, AudioNova had to look at the next set of parameters, in order of priority, namely daily support and customer service.

This is where Frans’ and Thomas’ experience came into play. Although Frans felt well looked after by TDC, there were often difficulties when it came to getting quick support. Error correction took a long time, and replies to inquiries took too long. Sometimes this was due to slow turnaround times, and sometimes it was due to waiting too long for internal approvals.

Finally, at that time, it seemed that the TDC Scale solution was not 100% fully developed.

Conversely, Thomas’ experience was that Support at Dstny solved problems in just a few minutes. Error corrections would usually be dealt with in minutes, not hours or days. And Thomas was, and is, on a first name basis with his contact persons in support, customer services and sales.

Finally, Thomas appreciates the opportunities for self-service, which means that minor adjustments concerning users can be made at his own convenience, without having to contact Dstny. Thomas reports that, via the Connect Visible self-service module, he can make far more adjustments himself – compared to TDC Scale’s self-service options at the time.

Decision and delivery


AudioNova chose Dstny, despite scepticism from AudioNova’s top management about dealing with a smaller supplier in an area of such vital importance as telephony and network. A scepticism which has since been put to shame, according to Thomas’ statement.


Immediately after entering into the agreement, Thomas, together with Cristina in Dstny’s  Delivery Department, prepared an implementation plan that ensured a painless transition from TDC Scale to Dstny for their particular business. The plan was followed to the letter, except for the fact that the transfers from TDC didn’t always take place on time.

Results for AudioNova

AudioNova has gathered all IP telephony,  mobile telephony and data into one solution that all AudioNova stores now use. All aspects of support, service and adjustments are coordinated by Thomas, who speaks directly with his dedicated contact persons at Dstny, so that things are resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

“Fast and efficient support is the big difference between TDC Scale and Dstny,” Thomas says.

“A problem is usually solved in minutes by Dstny, and this is meaningful as it could often take hours, or days, for TDC. I have also experienced being called by support in regard to a local operational problem, which neither the local business nor I have discovered yet. As such, I consider the cooperation with Dstny to be well-functioning. Dstny delivers on the technical solution. It is hard to put your finger on it exactly, especially when it comes to the secondary factor – the service.”

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Should we contact you about a solution for your company?

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