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chose Dstny…

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… because they wanted to their serve guests more efficiently, economically, and in an environmentally friendly way

BC Hospitality Group has chosen a product with advanced hosted PBX systems and complex MPLS networks. They have been with us since 2009. In addition, we are responsible for the network operation, including the Wi-Fi at BC Hospitality Group.

The solution services 1,584 hotel rooms, 162 meeting and conference rooms, and approx. 200,000 m2 of conference, meeting and event facilities with space for more than 30,000 people, with telephony, internet and Wi-Fi.

This unique set-up is designed to be changed and scaled very quickly.

The four key components

Network operation

MPLS network operation for 24/7/365 Internet, telephony and Wi-Fi for guests, exhibitors and employees.

Hosted PBX

to manage all telephony virtualised in our redundant hosting centres


Switchboard services for efficient guest service in the call centre /reception


Telephony integrated with booking, staff calendars and reception

Highly adaptable and scalable

The BC Hospitality Group’s guests and employees are 100% dependent on the telephony and internet that runs 24/7 – 365 days a year. Housing large congresses, exhibitions and trade fairs also requires the solution to be easily adaptable and highly scalable.

When the BC Hospitality Group chose Dstny, there were  economic, operational and environmental benefits  to be gained by having an advanced hosted PBX platform and a  fully integrated MPLS network.

Dstny provides a highly complex fibre network that connects all business devices, and provides internet access to BC Hospitality Group’s many thousands of annual guests. Additionally the network  is designed so that the BC Hospitality Group can be an Internet Service Provider and offer lightning-fast internal internet connections and stable and reliable telephony  to their trade show exhibitors.

Traditionally large and power consuming hotel PBX installations are not used by the BC Hospitality Group.

In 2009, as one of the first telecom companies in the world, we developed an advanced hosted hotel PBX platform for the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, which contributed to a greener and more sustainable hotel telephony. Today, telephony  across the BC Hospitality Group  is virtualised in our redundant hosting centres.

Finally, the telephony is integrated with  the group’s booking systems and  the employees’ calendars. Together with  newly developed switchboard services for use in receptions and call centres, the integration helps to ensure more efficient  telecommunications and task solutions at the BC Hospitality Group.



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