Dyrenes Beskyttelse

chose Dstny…

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… because they want to help animals in need faster and more efficiently

Dyrenes Beskyttelse is an animal protection organisation that takes care of the interests of animals in Denmark. The organisation is located in Copenhagen and is associated with 7 animal shelters for household animals and pets, as well as 10 wildlife care centres and more than 200 volunteers.

Dyrenes Beskyttelse receives 110,000 calls a year and processes 65,000 cases a year.

Dyrenes Beskyttelse has been a customer of Dstny since 2011 when Dyrenes Vagtcentral, a telephone line to report animals in need, was given the special number 1812, as an animal equivalent to 112.

Watch team leader Camilla Jensen talk about how telephony contributes to getting faster and more effective help to the animals in distress.

The three key components

Personal 1812

The short number,1812, for Dyrenes Beskyttelse, is a counterpart to the number 112, except it’s for animals in need. Easy to remember

Big screen

A big screen solution with telephony data is used to create a common overview of traffic and queues

Voice Recording

Automatic recordings of calls for training and case documentation

This tailored solution contributes to
better helping animals in need

”A lot of people know 1812,” Camilla says. Dyrenes Beskyttelse asked us to create the short special number as the 1st key component of their customised telephony solution for Dyrenes Beskyttelse. “1812 is easy to remember and quick to type. It feeds off 112. We are available 24/7 at that number, because it’s all about helping animals in need as quickly and efficiently as possible, “says Camilla Jensen.

Team leader Camilla Jensen continues, “On our big screen, everyone in the department has a common overview of call traffic. How many people have called in, on which lines, how many are in line, and for how long. We can effectively ensure that the most important calls (hit by a car) are taken first, and then we can answer the other calls that have been waiting for the longest time.”

“Finally we, record the conversations – partly to train and further develop our employees to document each individual incident, in case we need to manage complaints,” concludes Camilla Jensen.

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