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… because they wanted 100% up-time as total protection against loss of turnover and lots of unnecessary work

IT Manager Claus Brink is invited to a chat about their first experiences with Dstny’s 4G Failover solution in the Kop & Kande retail chain.

Dstny offers 3 different failover solutions to its customers. Everyone is geared towards specific customer needs, which can be seen as an insurance against the various outcomes that may exist on a network connection.

At the beginning of 2013, Kop & Kande accepted the solution whereby a (now) 4G connection takes over the data transmission between the individual shop’s cash registers to the central server, if Kop & Kande’s primary data connection is interrupted.

Kop & Kande’s customer service is 100% dependent on their network connection

Claus Brink:  “Kop & Kande has 104 stores, including those in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. We needed to stop the approximately 50 interruptions to our data connections that we were seeing each year. Every time we had an interruption, a number of disadvantages followed in its wake.

First, we had to start the emergency solution using the local Navision application on each device. This meant that we had to waive certain features, such as issuing and receiving gift cards and debit sales. Nor could we receive Dankort cards over a certain amount, as the payment transactions were run offline. Sometimes the prices were not updated in the emergency cash register database, so customers did not get the current prices. Of course that wasn’t a popular outcome. And then there was the work of reconciling the turnover in the system when the interruption was over.

We looked at double data connection solutions when we had TDC, before switching to Dstny. But they were very expensive, and there were not many options that could be tailored to our exact needs. At a status meeting with Dstny, our contact person brought forth the idea of a new technology at a price that was completely right. We did not even need to do a cost-benefit calculation. It spoke for itself.”

Free choice of operator proved to be an advantage

Claus Brink:  “13 of the stores are located in areas where TDC’s 3G coverage is not strong enough. After all, the access point is indoors.

Therefore, we have an agreement with Dstny that we will insert SIM cards from the telecom company 3. At least until TDC’s coverage is in place. This is why it was great that Dstny is able to deliver lines from many different operators.”

Professional handling ensured Kop & Kande a timely delivery

Claus Brink:  “It’s been totally fine. Very professional handling. We started by setting up a test that had a satisfactory outcome. We then decided on a roll-out plan that Dstny’s technicians fulfilled, while working closely with us. At some point, there was a misunderstanding about our requests for cover, which led to a few days’ delay, but they were ultimately achieved.”

We need people to debate with

Claus Brink:  “We have installed Wi-Fi  in all our stores. This provides a number of options.

It is now easier to move devices with online connection around the stores. For example, TV’s displaying product advertisements, customer tracking systems in terms of space management, monitoring equipment, and it is now possible to use mobile/portable cash register solutions during the Christmas season. It also provides better security for centralised management of relevant devices in the store – rather than having them done by staff, such as dynamic pricing.

Dstny is good at debating new solutions, because they  think about the business side of our company. So we look forward to using you in the future too.”

Claus Brink at Kop &  & Kande

Claus Brink is the IT manager at Kop & Kande and has in cooperation with the former IT manager, among other things, led the complete replacement of IT and telecommunications infrastructure from TDC to Dstny. He has most recently introduced Failover into the Kop & Kande businesses.



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