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… because they want to provide exceptional customer service

WhiteAway was founded in 2003 and sells  a wide range of quality appliances, vacuum cleaners, and other household devices  at competitive prices.

Since then, Skousen, Lavprisbutikken and Tretti have been incorporated into the WhiteAway Group A/S. The Group has a presence in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The WhiteAway Group has been a customer of ours for a number of years now, and the company’s telephony solution has developed continuously over time. Today, the WhiteAway Group focuses on delivering exceptionally good customer service, which their telephony solution also contributes to. Watch Peter Aagaard, Sales and Customer Service Manager, explain how telephony contributes to realising their vision.

The four key components


The telephony system integrates with the ERP system, so calls are directed to the right department based on a recognised telephone number


Telephony data is retrieved via an API and used in special apps, in big screen overviews, and for customer analysis

Big screen

A big screen solution with telephony data is used to create a common overview of traffic and queues

Customer analysis

Automated telephonic customer analysis is conducted with customers who consented to it during previous calls

The key components of the solution
support a good customer experience

Peter Aagaard, Sales and Customer Service Manager, explains, “There is integration into our ERP system, which means that we automatically split the calls up and correctly distribute them to where they are needed,  without the customers having to enter 1,2, etc.” Peter continues, “The system looks at whether or not we know the telephone number. If not, the call will be sent to sales. If we know the telephone number, we will look at order data. If the order has been taken from the warehouse, we will do one thing, but if the order has not yet been picked up, we will try to up the sale so that the customer ends up with a better product and we increase turnover. Both parties will be happier.”

Stefan Overgaard Nielsen, who is responsible for IT operations, adds: “We also use Dstny’s event-API to extract telephony data. We use  this in the wallboard solution we developed, which operates in Sales and Delivery and After Sales, and which we also look at in the Operations Department to monitor operations.

The Wallboard solution partially uses data from the event-API and partially uses data from Navision. We actually extract data about  the customers’ entered answers to see whether they want to participate in the ongoing customer satisfaction survey via the event API.

Data is automatically  forwarded  to the system that makes follow-up calls to the customers, asking them to answer 6-7 questions.”

“We  have developed a Customer Service Index, which is based on the customers’ answers, where we are looking really good. We also use the CSI score to constantly adjust our efforts so that the customer experience becomes even better, “concludes Peter Aagaard.



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